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A Change in the Season

So I’m 13 stories up, overlooking Washington, DC from 12th and Eye Streets, NW. It’s a warm day for mid-winter. Except for the fact we just had 8 inches of snow, with the ground still partially covered or wet. The air holds the anticipation of spring, and now people can’t decide what they should be wearing. I’m at work, it’s a Sunday. So a couple of questions arise: What am I doing at work on a Sunday, sitting on the roof top, and why am I telling you about it?

Rooftop at 12th and Eye
Rooftop at 12th and Eye
Quite simply, this is my last day in this building, a place I’ve spent more than 12 years working in one capacity or another. What you realize, once you become an adult, is that most of your time is not spent at your home or apartment, not out at cool clubs hanging out with your friends, but in buildings like this one, with cubicles, offices, water fountains, and if you’re fortunate, it has a gym in the basement. There are a couple of nice restaurants in the area or at least a good place to get some coffee. This is where you spend 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. So if I’m sounding nostalgic about an office building well, it’s because I am.
I’m on the roof because it’s one of my favorite places in the building. It looks out over downtown Washington and the city that I know and love. Why I like this vantage point is that the view allows me to see the changes. Where I’m sitting, I’m facing due east. When I first sat here, I could see all the way to Anacostia. I could see the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, because the skyline was that clear. Now, I can’t see more than a few blocks. I’m looking into the offices of Google; I’m looking into the offices of Ernst and Young. I look at all the new retail and residential that has cropped up downtown. Commerce that didn’t exist 10 years ago, didn’t exist 5 years ago. This roof is a place where I had lunch with colleagues, where we used to have happy hours, until the building management decided it was a liability. I did work up here and when I ran Be Better Guys, I’d take conference calls up here, edit articles up here. It seems like the right place to spend a few minutes as I pack up my cubicle, take my pictures off of the wall, pack up my coffee maker and move those things into my basement office at home.
Work is work, but given the amount of time you spend at a building, with people, on a issue or product, that time should mean something. The people in this building–from the maintenance crew to the security guards to my colleagues–saw me get married, saw both of my daughters born, watched me transition professionally. So I am a bit nostalgic. So I saved my Opus X Short Story to have here, with a cup of coffee and some solitude.
Before anyone gets the sense I’m being fired, know that I’m changing positions and a part of that change is a change in location. For everything, a season. Now, time for a change of scenery.