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Quick Read: The Begatting of a President


The Begatting of a President by Myron Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This arrived in my house last week. It was a gift from my late grandmother’s home in North Carolina.  One of my aunts brought it back with her from a recent visit to check on some renovations occurring on the old house. Given my background in history, she thought I might enjoy it.

For fans of late 20th century American history, this book is a lighthearted look at a most tumultuous event during a period of tumultuous events. The 1968 presidential election is amazing to think about in retrospect. Truly epic in terms of the storylines that emerged and the political machinations that played out in the public sphere. And out of that rises Richard Nixon, left for dead after the 1960 election.

The authors write the story in the style of the King James Bible, a style worthy of the events, with pen and ink satirical illustrations of the presidents and political leaders in biblical garb. If you are familiar with the Old Testament and/or the late 1960s, this will give you a chuckle, and perhaps cause you to shed a tear.

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